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How does the elephant door™ system work?

Jak działa elephant door™?

elephant door™?

The elephant door is an intelligent anti-burglary system for residential apartments. The system is directly fixed to the entrance door. Thanks to the Easy Install technology no tools are needed and it only takes a moment to install it. The system can be installed on almost all doors.

Elephant door features a Smart Warning System. This technology uses artificial neuron networks for analyzing any activity picked up by the gyroscope and the accelerometer. In this way, when the elephant door™ picks up and recognizes strong vibrations, it can detect an attempt to open the door forcibly and prevent the burglary before it actually takes place. In such a situation, the device emits a short alarm signal with a siren rated at over 110 dB. It will also send a notification to your smartphone. When the door is forced open, the elephant door activates the alarm siren for several minutes and sends a notification about the burglary. The system’s algorithms minimize the risk of false alarm. Consequently, knocking on the door will not be considered by the elephant door as a threat.

The alarm can be operated with a dedicated application. The user is informed about every detected activity. The application can also be used to promptly inform your family or neighbors about the threat. The elephant door™ features a Bluetooth and Wi-Fi module for wireless communication. It also has a built-in battery that, fully charged, operates up to 40 days. The entire system is a single device.